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Shawn Ennis performing on stage during theatre production Paint Your Wagon
Shawn Ennis, AS Film, 2022

Known for his creativity, friendliness, and innovation, CWC’s Marketing Manager, Shawn Ennis, is also a CWC alum. Shawn graduated from CWC in 2022 with his Associate in Film. He has since become a valued member of the CWC Marketing Department and campus community. 

Prior to attending CWC, Shawn graduated in 2002 from Cottage Grove High School, located in Oregon.  Upon his graduation, he joined the United States Air Force (USAF) and proudly served in the Security Forces Division from 2002-2009. Shawn held a vast array of roles as a military policeman throughout his tenure in the armed forces. 

After his service in the USAF, Shawn earned his Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication with a minor in Coaching from Iowa State University. He additionally earned his Associate in Theater from Des Moines Area Community College. He then moved to Wyoming and learned about CWC’s film program. “CWC offers one of the only film degrees in the State of Wyoming. I knew that CWC was going to put me on the right path after speaking with CWC’s Professor of Film, Jeremy Nielsen,” he stated. 

Shawn’s favorite aspect of CWC is the sense of community that the campus harbors. “Everyone here feels like family. I attended CWC at the age of 37 and the other students who were young enough to be my kids took my children in as their own. We tried to make the learning environment fun. As students, we were given a support system that ensured we helped each other out,” he said. “The staff at CWC actually cares about their students, which is unlike any other school that I have been to. They go above and beyond for their students.”   

Since working at CWC, Shawn has been one of the creative and innovative forces who is driving the CWC brand.  “Shawn came up with our tag “Change your Future” used in a lot of our ads,” stated Jennifer Marshall-Weydeveld, CWC Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations. “He has produced numerous videos including Regenerative Small Scale Farming, Mountain Bike, and collaborated on all of the great work you see on our YouTube channel. He traveled to the National Association of Broadcasters this year with our team, and has learned new tools to create our videos and content more efficiently. He is also training on AI tools to help with copy, content, and clean-up.” Weydeveld said. 

Shawn is also known across the CWC campus for his caring and uplifting personality. “As a Rustler, Shawn is Understanding and Caring and Responsible to others. He is a very kind person which is evident in the collaborative work we do with all departments and he treats everyone with respect. Shawn is committed to the importance of our marketing goals,” stated Weydeveld. “He has a positive attitude that increases the overall morale for our team.”

When he is not at work, he likes to play sports, hike, play video games, spend time with family and friends, and produce films. Shawn also participates in CWC Theater Productions.